Pro-Indian parties given ‘scripted role ‘: Qasim

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SRINAGAR: The ties between Indian rulers and Bollywood are well known and it is this relationship that New Delhi has “scripted role” for the pro-India political parties in Kashmir also, said Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) chairperson Dr Muhammad Qasim on Monday.
Qasim in a statement said, “NC is entrusted the (role of) killing Kashmiri Muslims for 6 years and serve the Indian interests. During this time, PDP has a role of a vociferous protester. Then for the next 6 years, PDP has been entrusted the (job of) massacring Kashmiri Muslims and NC has to make hue and cry over it.”
“For this political acting, both the Sheikh and Mufti family are allowed to do whatever the favours they can manage for their families (even) to plunder the resources of the state. Being in power, the real tyrannical face of these parties and in opposition there hypocritical face becomes visible,” he said.
The MDM chief said that for NC, the ‘autonomy’ means monopoly of their party rule and for PDP, the ‘self-rule’ means the rule of the Mufti family. “When they are in power, they condemn the killing of Indian forces at the hands of militants and when they are in opposition they raise hue and cry over the killing of Kashmiris by Indian forces,” he said.
Qasim said the pro-freedom leadership and Muslims of Kashmir should understand the fact that pro-India political parties have just one agenda – to maintain the Indian political writ over Kashmir.
“From 1990 to 1994 when there were no pro-India political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi was thinking of leaving Kashmir and saving Jammu. The then former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had admitted this fact and said that Kashmir is slipping from our hands,” the incarcerated leader said.
“These pro-India parties are responsible for every misery and tyranny we are facing. If not for these political entities, India would not be able to exercise its writ in Kashmir through forces only. The pro-India parties are preparing ground to settle Indian people here by killing Kashmiri people. Since their first and last motive is attaining power, even the daily massacres here don’t bother them at all.”