Open drainage threatening lives of Bemina residents

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Sabeen Gulrez

Srinagar: With a wide open drain posing a serious threat to the lives of people alongside the road in Hajiabad, Bemina, residents said they have been waiting since decades for covering it up, but the authorities are unmoved.

Though authorities have visited the area last year, but nothing has been done so far and the open drain continues to irk the residents.

“Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation visited our area last year and many more officials made a visit, but nothing was done to cover it up,” said Muieen Ahmed, a local of Hajiabad.

“This drain produces a lot of foul smell and it becomes unbearable to walk from here especially in summers,” Ahmed added.

Apart from foul smell, the open drain invites mosquitoes to breed in the locality posing a risk of diseases.

“We are requesting the government officials to cover up the drain quickly as there is risk that small children can fall into it. In summers mosquitoes breed in this drain and the number of rats has increased in the locality because of this open drain,” said Maryama, another local resident.

Zahid Hussain, mohalla president, said, “I contacted Municipal Corporation a few days back. I made them aware about the problems that open drain is posing to us. I told them that the road is shrinking because of the drain and the foundation of the local masjid along the drain is getting weaker day by day and the Masjid can collapse anytime.”

This drain is alongside the road leading to Iqra Public School and the students face troubles on their way to the school.

When contacted the officials of the school, they said, “We have sent many representations to Srinagar Municipal Corporation, but till today no action has been taken.”

When contacted Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Riyaz Ahmed Wani, he said, “Open drainage is a serious problem in Srinagar City. 50% drains are open in the city.”

When asked about the open drainage in Bemina, he said, “We will look into the matter.”