NC, PDP debate over Shopian killings a fixed match: Er Rasheed

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Appeals JRL to collect donations for bereaved families

SRINAGAR: Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and MLA Lanagte Er Rasheed on Monday ridiculed and rejected the discussion over Shopian killings in assembly, saying the whole debate is like a fixed match.
He said neither National Conference (NC) nor the ruling PDP is sincere in ensuring to protect the life and honour of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
“While masses are tired of hearing the discussions in the assembly for the want of concrete results on the ground, NC and PDP seem busy in scoring cheap points over each other,” Rasheed said. “Even when the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti tried to show sympathy with the families of deceased youth, she first needs to answer to the queries raised by BJP in and outside the assembly.”
“How is it possible that (BJP leader) Ravinder Raina calls the deceased unarmed innocents as terrorists, praises army for butchering them and demands withdrawal of FIR against the army but his coalition leader Mehbooba Mufti talks about anger in Kashmir youth?” the independent MLA questioned.
“Similar is the case with (former chief minister) Omar Abdullah who shamelessly does not hesitate in calling stone pelters as jilted lovers,” he said.
“It is not difficult for the legislators to stop killings if their hearts will truly beat for the masses. If both Mehbooba and Omar express anger and anguish over the killings but are not able to convince forces to respect the right to live for Kashmiris, let them along with other legislators take out a march from Kashmir house New Delhi to Parliament House and urge New Delhi to stop the genocide of Kashmiris. It will definitely shake the conscience of billions of people in India and elsewhere. Not only would those forces become accountable but there would be no option left with New Delhi to find out a permanent resolution to the J&K dispute.”
Rasheed also appealed to the joint resistance leadership to collect donations from masses and pay a handsome amount to Shopian “martyrs” so that “New Delhi doesn’t dare to fix the cost of their life worth Rs 5 lakhs and a class 4 job under SRO 43”.