Effect and Cause

Effect and Cause
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Pellet guns, or more accurately, the use of pellet guns, are in the news again. It would be a vain wish to hope that the notorious weapon(s) would merely be a news item. In the context of Kashmir, it is not. The notorious weapon exacts victims as recent memory attests. And, the issues that pellet guns leave are lifelong, etching their victims with not only traumatic memories, psychological trauma, but also visible scars. Given the deadly potency of these weapons, it would almost be natural to root for their banishment. But, calling for the abolition of these weapons would then elicit calls for their replacement by certain quarters as “crowd control” mechanisms. But, yet again, this would mean or imply mistaken and erroneous causality. The prosaic fact of the matter is that it is not actually pellet guns that are the issue. There’s cause; there’s effect and then there are corollaries. The real challenge is to disentangle these and then find solutions that obviate the need for these kinds of weapons. To get the process straight, there is an element of reverse causality involved here. That is, while the premise is larger, the causal loop begins with the corollaries. These are the use of pellet guns. The weapon(s) is a corollary that flows or is a manifestation of a larger cause which is actually the conflict in and over Kashmir. There would be no point in abolishing or banishing these weapons unless and until the conditions which beget their use remain. It then is the contextual conditions that define Kashmir that are to and must be remedied. It is then that the use of pellet guns would be given short shrift. The obvious reference here , at the risk of repetition, is to the conflict in and over Kashmir. The conflict or, more accurately, its prolonged continuation, accrues from truculence of powers that be and the primeval and jealous significance accorded to abstract concepts and the teleology vested into territory. These features render the conflict in and over Kashmir into a zero sum game which renders even talk of resolving it anathema to powers that be. The mélange of these features render these powers lock themselves into positions from which it is difficult for them to climb down rendering the conflict rather intractable. Instead of the truculence that flows from these structural conditions and features, space and primacy should be accorded to reason, rationality and prudence- all of which would yield the conclusion that all be efforts be directed to conflict resolution, which, in the final analysis would lead to a condition where pellet guns would be of no use.

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