No surgeries conducted at Sopore SDH for three months

No surgeries conducted at Sopore SDH for three months
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Patients avoided on flimsy excuses; CMO assures 24/7 operations from Monday

Sopore: No surgery has been conducted at the Sub district Hospital Sopore in the last three months while the patients are given dates that are not honoured.
Reliable sources told Kashmir Reader that owing to lack of electricity in the operation theatre and non-availability of anaesthesists, patients though given dates were excused on one pretext or the other.
On Saturday, a number of patients who had been given dates for surgery, several times, were waiting at for surgeon Mohd Ashraf who was supposed to be in the ward.
At around 11:30 am the doctor was nowhere to be found.
When Kashmir Reader enquired about him, BMO Sopore Dr. Sami said that he has gone on a round and will return in ten minutes.
The patients waiting outside however alleged the surgeon must be in his private clinic as he was nowhere in the hospital.
Abdul Hameed Rather, a resident of Tarzoo village, said he has been visiting the hospital for last three months, as her wife had developed intense pain and was advised for a surgery few months back but till date surgery to remove her uterus has not been done.
“They are making excuses that continuous shutdowns have affected our schedule and we are not able to operate properly,” he said.
“I don’t see any shutdowns from last many months, than why are they making such excuses, if the surgeon at the hospital can advise me to come to his private clinic where he will perform a surgery, why can’t he operate the same surgery in SDH. They just want to loot us and add to our sufferings, if anything happens to my wife Osha begum, they will be the killers of her,” Hameed lamented.
“My wife is in pain, they just give us new dates and more painkillers which has developed a stomach problem in her, what will we do, we are poor and can’t go to private clinic for treatment, we are coming to SDH from the date December 6, but till date just the new dates given to us’, Hameed added.
Another patient has a similar story to narrate.
Abdul Rashid Mir, a resident of Bandipora has been visiting the hospital from last three months as his wife needs an urgent appendicitis surgery, but returns home only with a new date.
Showing the slips on which dates have been given for her wife he said, “If her appendicitis gets burst, what will I do? I have even requested the BMO of Sopore about this serious issue but nothing has been done till date. If anything happens to my wife, they will be her killers,” an agitated Rashid said.
Several patients had similar stories, but no one in the administration was there to hear. As soon as the patients and attendants heard about a public darbar going on at Dak Bungalow Sopore, where the district administration including the DC Baramulla and health officials were present they rushed there to complain.
ON hearing the complaints, Chief Medical Officer Baramulla, Bashir Ahmad Chalkoo, told DC Baramulla that the hospital was facing tough time because of NHRM strike and other problems.
Chalkoo however assured the complainants that “now that it has turned to this ugly level,” surgeries would be conducted 24/7 in from Monday come whatsoever way.
The CMO reiterated to Kashmir Reader when contacted,
“Our working was badly affected by NHRM month’s long strike as two anesthesia doctors were on strike and only one was working to attend the huge rush of surgery patients, so we were only operating the emergency surgeries in theatre but now I will assure you that surgeries will be operated from Monday as per schedule.”