Budgam’s Wagoora village lacks medical facility

Budgam’s Wagoora village lacks medical facility
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Villagers demand immunisation centre be upgraded to PHC

Sadam Hussain / Mudasir Rather

Wagoora (Budgam): Comprising of more than 4,000 households, Wagoora village in Budgam is facing neglect from successive governments for the lack of a medical facility.
According to the residents, they have to travel to Srinagar or Chattergam Community Health Centre for medical treatment as the village does not have a public health centre (PHC). Currently, the government has established an immunisation centre in Wagoora, despite the village qualifying for a PHC.
According to a health official, a village or an area qualifies for a PHC if its population crosses 3,000.
“There is no medical facility available at the immunisation centre. For first aid, we are compelled to travel to other places to seek treatment,” a group of villagers told Kashmir Reader.
Wagoora’s Numberdar, Abdul Rashid Ganie, pointed out that the current immunisation centre lacks basic medical facilities.
“Due to medicines being unavailable at the immunisation centre, we have to seek private consultations from doctors, prompting us to cough up money for minor ailments,” he added.
The village’s lack of medical facilities affects women the worst as, according to Sara Bano, a homemaker, they resort to traditional means to deal with ailments so as to avoid travelling long distances on foot.
A senior health official, pleading anonymity, admitted that the village lacks a medical facility and said they have already submitted a detailed report to the department for upgrading the immunisation centre.
For its part, Budgam’s Chief Medical Officer Dr G M Dar said they have received the feasibility report and have forwarded it to the Planning department.


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  1. Sajad   January 28, 2018 at 8:39 am

    I belong to the same village, yes it is a big problem in our village.
    Thanks for reporting our village problem.