Abandoned, mauled newborn administered anti-rabies vaccine

Abandoned, mauled newborn administered anti-rabies vaccine
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Srinagar: The abandoned newborn rescued from stray dogs on Wednesday has been given anti-rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin medicine. He is the first infant in Kashmir to receive or even require this treatment.
According to doctors, the two-day-old baby boy found in a garbage dump at Lal Ded Hospital, Kashmir’s lone maternity care centre, has been put on specialised month-long treatment for serious dog bites by the Government Medical College (GMC), Srinagar.
“This is something we have never treated before. We receive minor kids with dog bites but we have never seen such a case where an infant is involved, that too an unclaimed one,” said Dr Muhammad Salim Khan, who heads the GMC’s Department of Social and Preventive Medicine.
He said the department had treated over 50,000 dog bite cases in the last ten years, with the highest number of nearly 5,000 cases during the last nine months alone, but not a single newborn.
“We were shocked to receive the news about the baby. He was badly mauled by stray dogs leaving him with Category 3 bites all over his body, especially his scalp. They were trying to eat him while some employees of the LD Hospital saved him,” Dr Khan said.
The baby has been operated on by plastic surgeons from GMC Srinagar who fixed serious wounds on his body and scalp.
The dogs had disfigured his scalp and face area while he was in shock due to the cold weather.
“This is horrible that people have stooped so low and left the helpless baby at the mercy of dogs. I have never seen such an inhumane act in my entire career at GMC hospitals,” Dr Basharat Hussain, a senior paediatrician who treated the infant at LD Hospital, told Kashmir Reader.
“This shows how our society is in moral degradation,” Dr Hussain rued
The heart-wrenching incident took place on Wednesday night after a group of Lal Ded Hospital employees found the newborn boy wrapped in a plastic bag and surrounded by dogs near a garbage dumping site.
He was immediately shifted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Hospital, where doctors put him on life support and antibiotics, the doctors said.