Newborn left to dogs in Lal Ded Hospital garbage dump

Newborn left to dogs in Lal Ded Hospital garbage dump
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Mauled baby rescued in critical condition

Srinagar: In a heart-wrenching incident, a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag was dumped at a garbage site at Srinagar’s Lal Ded Hospital.
The baby, whose body was still covered with blood, was left in the bone chilling cold amid a pack of stray dogs at Kashmir’s sole maternity hospital. The infant’s cries altered the staff around 10 pm on Wednesday, by which time the dogs had already mauled him.
He was rescued and is currently being cared for at the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
“We were shocked to see an infant in a plastic bag. He was left by his parents to the mercy of stray dogs which nibbled at him badly.
“He was surrounded by a pack of dogs when hospital staff rescued him. Dogs were fighting to take him away while he was suffocating inside a plastic bag,” a hospital employee told Kashmir Reader.
According to doctors, the baby was in a critical condition as he had injuries all over his body.
“His umbilical cord was still attached and he had several bruises and deep wounds on his body. We later found them to be dog bites,” said a doctor who treated the baby in the NICU.
“The dogs have disfigured his scalp and face area. We had to put him on antibiotics and anti-rabies medicines. A plastic surgeon was also called to fix the occipital region of his head,” the hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr Nazir Malik, told Kashmir Reader.
The police have registered a case and are looking for the parents of the baby.
“We immediately called Police Station Rajbagh and informed them about the incident. They have already registered an FIR and have started the investigation,” Dr Malik said.
He said two more unclaimed babies were admitted to the hospital last week. They too were abandoned on the hospital premises.
“Both of them are girls and are stable without any complications,” he said.