JK has no secured, viable surrender policy: PDP spokesman

JK has no secured, viable surrender policy: PDP spokesman
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Srinagar: Referring to MHA’s advisory to J&K Government to formulate a new surrender and rehabilitation policy, PDP Chief Spokesman Rafi Ahmad Mir Thursday said that in absence of a secured and viable policy, it becomes impossible for young educated boys to return home and re- integrate with the society.
He said apart from working on ending the alienation and addressing issues that lead them to join militancy, a favorable policy of return for Kashmiri youth by the government will ensure their economic and social rehabilitation into the mainstream. It will also endorse the conviction of government in its efforts for peace and reconciliation and welfare of youth.
He added that while educated youth joining militancy ranks was a concern for all right thinking people, most of the youth eventually realise the futility of senseless violence and want to return home to live normal lives with dignity.
Mir said that all need to understand the predicament of young boys who have ‘strayed’ into militancy.
“Our collective failure as ‘mainstream’ parties to achieve a common ground on issues concerning all , further ensures that alienation never ends. For these young boys the choice to renounce violence is not an easy one and they find themselves between the devil and the deep blue sea. The fear of social stigma certainly clouds their judgment,” PDP spokesman said.
“Their parents want them to flourish and live a normal life as anybody else and these educated youth must return home, for their own good and good of their family” Mir added.
The PDP Chief Spokesman also said that Chief Minister has already announced on the floor of the house that the state government is mulling to expand the ambits of Amnesty to second time offenders, which will indeed be another welcome move for welfare of youth.