Viral train stunt video: youth identified, detained, counselled

Viral train stunt video: youth identified, detained, counselled
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Anantnag: A teenager from Bijbehara town of Anantnag has been detained a day after he appeared in a video that went viral on social media, showing him lying between railway tracks beneath a fast-running train. He has been counselled by the police here, along with the boy who filmed the potentially lethal stunt.
The teenager has been identified as Adil Maqbool Vaid, son of Muhammad Maqbool, a resident of Baba Mohalla area in Bijbehara town.
The 39-second clip, shot near Bijbehara Railway Station, took the Internet in Kashmir by storm with almost everyone emphatically condemning the act as ‘sheer stupidity’.
While such videos are not new in the virtual world, it was the first time somebody made such an attempt in Kashmir and uploaded the video for cyber broadcast.
Social media users urged the police to identify the boy, and some even advocated jailing him for the act.
Former chief minister Omar Abdullah took to Twitter and said the boy should not be jailed, for stupidity was not a crime.
“Arresting him isn’t the solution. He should be counselled and let off with a stern warning. Our prisons are too full of young men as it is and stupidity isn’t a crime,” Omar tweeted.
The police, after identifying the boy and his accomplice, detained the two on Wednesday and later said the duo had been counselled without any charges being brought against them.
“Boys were counselled by the police to not perform such dangerous stunts. We request citizens not to indulge in these types of stunts,” Anantnag SSP Altaf Khan said.
The police have also released a video of the duo apologising for the stunt.
“I have realised my stupidity and I advise everyone else not to repeat what I have done,” Vaid can be seen saying in the video, apparently shot inside the Bijbehara police station.
The boy’s parents, meanwhile, are shocked at what their son had done and are thankful he survived the foolhardiness, a source close to the family told Kashmir Reader.