KU result faux pas: Higher education department blames varsity for failing students

KU result faux pas: Higher education department blames varsity for failing students
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Srinagar: A day after Kashmir University blamed its college authorities for ‘not checking Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheets before collecting them’, the Higher Education Department responded, saying that it was the University’s failure that it had not rectified the mistakes the students made.
Director Colleges Zahoor Chatt told Kashmir Reader that if the majority of the students had committed mistakes in filling the OMR sheets, the University should admit it had not rectified the mistakes made by the students. “If the students had made mistakes, couldn’t they (Kashmir University) rectify mistakes before declaring the result?” Chatt asked, adding, “Have they done it? Kashmir University should not have declared (the results) before clearing everything.”
Kashmir University, Chatt said, is shifting its responsibly on to others. “Everything related to the examination is the job of the university; they should have made it sure that there should not be deficiencies,” he remarked.
Kashmir University on Tuesday uploaded a few OMR sheets on social networking sites to reveal what kinds of mistakes were made by the students.
Chatt, however, said that the university authorities were presenting those cases in such a way as to suggest that every student had committed the same mistake. “There may be a few such cases, but the bulk of the students are failing,” he said, adding, “Kashmir University has uploaded the OMR sheets of a few such students on social media just to free themselves. They are presenting those identified as wrongly-filled OMR sheets as if every student who failed had committed similar mistakes.”
Farhat Jabar, Examinations Coordinator at Women’s College, M A Road, told Kashmir Reader that the college authorities were not conducting examinations on the OMR scheme for the first time as they have been holding competitive as well as civil service examinations for some time. “Our college has a long history of conducting OMR-type examinations, like that of competitive and civil services,” she said. “We follow all guidelines and show students how OMR sheets are to be filled.”
A SP College assistant professor, who wished not to named, however said that the supervisors were not the only ones to be blamed as it is the collective failure of the students, the supervisors and the university officials. “We have seen the wrongly filled OMR sheets that went viral on social media, and I accept it is the mistake of the students as well as the supervisors. But the big question is why could not the university officials have rectified the mistakes, despite taking almost a year to declare the result?” he said.
The assistant professor said that one needed to understand the issue in a broader perspective as it has multiple dimensions and the university administration should come up with an alternative to address the concerns of the students. “Science students have appeared in competitive exams once or twice in their lives and they know how to fill OMR sheets. But here they are the ones who are complaining the most,” he said. “The blame game should stop, and the issues of the students should be resolved.”
Another assistant professor, also wishing not to be named, said that Kashmir University should have provided additional OMR sheets for safety measures as mistakes do happen.
Kashmir University decided to conduct a Choice-Based Credit System (CBSC) examination in 2016 with the aim of declaring results quickly. The first such examination was held in early 2017.