Beerwah residents protest against lack of basic amenities

Beerwah residents protest against lack of basic amenities
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BEERWAH: Angry protesters in former Chief Minister’s constituency took to the streets in Beerwah town on Wednesday, blaming the government for its “apathy” and the “culture of impunity”.
The locals assembled at the main market and chanted slogans against the government’s official apathy towards them.
The protestors alleged that the people of the town are being deprived of all the basic amenities like water, electricity, roads, and other basic amenities.
They added that despite former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is representing the constituency, they are continuously facing the same ordeal that they were facing earlier in PDP MLA’s regime.
“We are being exploited every day by these political goons. Our pleas have been paid deaf ear,” a protester alleged, on the conditions of anonymity.
“Our main problem is electricity. Since last couple of days we are not seeing even a single glimpse of light in our bulbs,” Saleem, a local said and alleged that the department is selling electricity to private firms.
The protestors alleged that the PDD is deliberately cutting the power supply to the town and always telling the lame excuses.
The Sub Divisional Magistrate along with Tehsildar Beerwah and Power Development Department went to spot and held a meeting with the locals and assured them that there long pending demands would be redressed till Monday.
In response to this, the protestors threatened the officials of the Tehsil administration that “they will go for hunger strike if their demands would not be fulfilled till Monday”.
In protest, all shops were closed and traffic was seen off the roads.