Anantnag turning a commuter’s nightmare

Anantnag turning a commuter’s nightmare
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Illegal cab stands, haphazard parking, vendor merchandise clog the traffic

Anantnag: The Anantnag district administration has failed in reigning in illegal cab stands, haphazard parking and shopkeepers encroaching roads with merchandise, making the town choke on traffic and the locals frustrated.
As per the local sources, there are at least three major passenger cab stands operating illegally from within the town with their vehicles occupying roads, creating bottlenecks and the ensuing traffic mess.
There is no parking in the town forcing people to park by road sides, the shopkeepers lay their merchandise occupying almost half of the road-choking the vital road links carelessly, the street vendors stand wherever they please and the public transporters (mostly the mini-buses) remain unmindful of the chaos they create behind them.
Town residents, Kashmir Reader talked to, said that a cab(Sumo) stand running illegally by the road side in front of the stadium has been creating traffic mess for several years, not more than 200 meters from the Deputy Commissioner’s office.
“They were briefly deterred by the regular checks by the district administration but now they have occupied the lawns of the district library nearby, creating nuisance over there,” locals said, adding that most of the vehicles still remain parked by the roadside.
Another spot chosen by the Sumo owners is on KP road right outside the General Bus Stand.
Dozens of vehicles line the road creating a bottle neck on the otherwise wide KP road.
On the other hand the hawkers and shopkeepers are adding their bit to cause inconvenience to the general public.
“Take for example the New Market and Lal Chowk area, which apart from being bustling business centers are the vital road links to two major hospitals in the town, the district hospital in Janglat Mandi and the Maternity and Child Care hospital in Sherbagh,” locals lament.
They added that ambulances from the hospitals have to navigate through roads congested and clogged with traffic, parked vehicles and the spread out merchandise of the shopkeepers as well as the hawkers.
“It is as if the district administration is non-existent and everyone is doing whatever he likes to do,” the locals say.
The Anantnag Deputy Commissioner (DC), Mohammad Younis Malik, however, argues that steps were being taken on both short term and long term basis to de-congest the town.
“We are taking a string of measures, both short term and long term. Our major focus is however on the long term remedies to work towards a greater Anantnag,” he said.
Malik said that apart from frequent drives to ensure temporary relief the administration was creating Detailed Project Reports (DPR’s) on how to de-congest the major bottle necks in the town.
“The population has ballooned, the traffic flow into the town from other areas is huge and there are around six to seven hundred street vendors in the town,” he said, adding that while taking necessary measures rehabilitation of people has also to be taken into consideration.
Malik told Kashmir Reader that parking slots have been identified and plans are being devised to manage the ever growing traffic in the town.
“We are taking a string of measures. Hopefully the effects on ground should be visible sooner than later,” he said.