Survekshan 2018: SMC claims ‘remarkable achievements’ under SBM

Survekshan 2018: SMC claims ‘remarkable achievements’ under SBM
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30 percent segregated waste collection treated for refuse derived fuel

Srinagar: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Tuesday claimed to have achieved substantial development parameters by providing water facilities and addressing issues in drainage and solid waste management.
“We have managed to provide 97 percent of water supply to households; 35 percent of sewerage has been achieved and they are based on scientific based facilities, our success in drainage is 47percent and similarly urban transport up to 20 percent,” Riyaz Ahmad Wani, Commissioner SMC told media on on Survekshan 2018 that discusses objectives and achievements of SMC under Swachh Bharat Mission.
Wani said that in the last two years SMC has achieved “remarkable achievement” as solid waste management collection has reached 100 percent.
“Door to door collection of segregated waste has reached 30 percent while as un-segregated collection is 100 percent,” he said adding that the SMC has closed 400 open garbage dumps by beatifying them and at some places smart bins have been installed.
He said that until last year entire solid waste management used to go for landfill but due to segregator 30 percent of solid waste is being treated. “30 percent of the collected solid waste is being treated and we are able to generate refuse-derived fuel, compost and inert is separated,” he said adding, “We are aiming to achieve 100 percent target.”
The Commissioner said that SMC is committed to achieve various components of Swatch Bharat Abiyaan till June 2018.
In a statement SMC claimed that they have received at least 19193 applications in Srinagar under open defecation free city program. “Out of the total number 4043 has been verified and approved,” the statement read adding, “Out of these approved applications more than 500 individual house hold Latrines (IHHL) had been constructed.”
The statement added that 48 sites have been allotted for the construction of community toilets and public toilets and the construction of 18 sites was in progress.
Wani said that SMC will provide green and blue bins for waste segregation to two lakh households.
SMC statement said that above 40000 twin bins has been distributed to the households across the city. “For waste collection at house hold level/door to door collection, SMC has started dual chambered hopper vehicle services in various areas of the city,” the statement said adding “123 hopper vehicles so far have been put to use where as SMC is in a mode of procuring more hopper vehicles as the requirement for smooth functioning and desired results is procurement of 300 hopper vehicles”.