Pak Senate body sets stage for public hanging of Zainab’s killer

Pak Senate body sets stage for public hanging of Zainab’s killer
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Srinagar: A day before the arrest of suspected rapist and killer of seven-year-old Zainab, the Pakistan Senate Standing Committee on Interior has set the ball rolling to make an example of such culprits by hanging them in public, media reports said on Wednesday.
To create an effective deterrence against such heinous crimes in the society, the Pak Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior proposed an amendment in the Pakistan Penal Code to publicly hang a convict involved in sexual abuse and murder of children below the age of 14.
The Senate committee’s recommendations were the consequence of its deliberations focused on the Zainab case.
The committee had also passed a resolution strongly condemning abductions, rapes and murders of innocent minor children across Pakistan and condemned the murder of Zainab in Kasur and Asma in Mardan.
On the special invitation and arrangements of the committee, the aggrieved parents of Zainab had also attended the meeting. The resolution along with the proposed amendment to the Section 364A of the PPC was sent to the House.

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