Traffic police issues RD advisory

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Vehicles to take Dalgate route from Jan 23

SRINAGAR: The Traffic Police City Srinagar today issued a traffic diversion plan in view of the rehearsals for R-Day cleberations at S K Cricket Stadium Sonawar Srinagar.
The plan shall be effective from 23rd to 26th January-2018 from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm.
According to the diversion plan, Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) including Sumo, Tavera and Tata-407 coming from South including Shivpora shall adopt Ram Munshibagh towards Dalgate via Ziyarat Syed Sahab(RA)-Dalgate(left Turn)-Radio Kashmir (Right Turn)- Polo View- Ghanta Ghar- Hari Singh High Street (H.S.H.S)- Jehangir Chowk.
Similarly, LMV, as well as PSVs including Sumo, Tavera and Tata-407 coming from Jehangir Chowk, M.A Road and Abdullah Bridge, shall adopt Radio Kashmir- Golf Crossing- Dalgate- Badyari -Nehru Park- Lalit Grand Hotel- Gupkar R.M. Bagh-Sonawar route.
The department said that no vehicles shall be allowed towards Ram MunshiBagh- Church Lane route. All vehicle operators including PSV-407, Sumo, Tavera are advised to strictly adhere to the traffic plan.