Rajnath’s ‘crossing border’ remarks smack of ‘war mongering’: Kamal

Rajnath’s ‘crossing border’ remarks smack of ‘war mongering’: Kamal
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SRINAGAR: National Conference (NC) additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal has taken an exception to the statement of home minister Rajnath Singh that India “won’t hesitate to cross border”, saying it smacks of a war cry and war mongering which does not behove a person of his position and authority.
Rajnath while apparently referring to Pakistan had said on Sunday that “India’s image in the world has become that of a strong nation and we have given a strong message to the world that we can attack our enemies not only on our soil, but also in their territory. India has developed this power.”
The remarks, Kamal said also does not befit “the second most populous country and the largest democracy in the world against a country one fifth the size and population of India”.
“It is unfortunately the language of an arrogant boaster and a bully,” Mustafa Kamal said. “This will not help (resolve) matters but only aggravate tension and animosity in the region.”
Kamaal was talking to party functionaries of Sher-i- Kashmir Bhawan about his assessment of the visit to border belt of Samba tehsil including a public interaction at village Ban-glaad on 21st instant.
He said wars between two countries since partition of the subcontinent in 1947, 1965, 1971, and the short Kargil war in 1999 had yielded nothing but death, destruction and heightened hatred and bickering in which none was the victor but people were the worst sufferers.
Kamaal said the “belligerent attitude” of home minister is “perhaps timed with eyes on the upcoming elections to several state assemblies and the 2019 parliament election”. He said falsehood does not go far and truth always prevails is a well established norm of life.
The NC additional general secretary said it is “very unfortunate that India has always played a spoiler in the highest level Indo-Pak talks to resolve the problem of J&K.“If Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to shape the future course of Indian history, then he should waste no time in coming to grips with the situation and settle the biggest and perhaps the only impediment in ushering lasting peace and harmony in the region – the Kashmir imbroglio which is a festering legacy of the partition and the oldest on the agenda of the UN.”
“War cries and cries of ten bullets for every bullet fired given by some of the members of his (Rajnath’s) cabinet hardly help,” Kamal added.