Panel to ‘fix responsibility’ for Dul Hasti fiasco, promises power minister

Panel to ‘fix responsibility’ for Dul Hasti fiasco, promises power minister
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Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir government on Monday said it will form a committee to fix responsibility in the case of the missing Dul Hasti Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
“We will form a committee to fix responsibility on Dul Hasti,” Minister for Power and Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh told the Legislative Assembly in reply to an opposition member’s question.
“We will take up the issue with Government of India. Maybe they will have a document of the project,” Singh said.
In a written reply to CPI(M) legislator Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, Singh said that there was no MoU or agreement available with the state government in which the Dul Hasti Power Project was entrusted to NHPC (National Hydro Power Corporation) for execution.
The government said that a task force of officers was constituted in 2012 to fix responsibility on “whoever has failed to find out the whereabouts of the file.”
Tarigami told the House that many Cabinet sub-committees and task forces were formed to fix responsibility for the “serious issue”, but nothing had been done so far.
“You are not fixing the responsibility,” Tarigami told the treasury benches. “When shall you fix the responsibility on who are involved in the criminal act, so that they are brought in open?” he asked the power minister.
Nirmal Singh in his response said that the government will form a committee to “fix the responsibility”.
Winding up an hour-long discussion in the Legislative Council on the Chenab Valley power projects, Nirmal Singh said, “We are working with honesty; we have nothing to hide, whatever is there is in public (domain).”
“Power generation is very important for us if we want to boost the economy of state,” Singh said in response to a “calling attention” notice by Sajad Kitchloo of the National Conference.
“In a positive way, above party lines, we will have to work in that direction,” he said. “But we all must know and keep in mind the resources and capital of our state to build the power projects.”
“If we had such resources, we would not have gone to anyone; we would not have gone to even NHPC,” Singh said in response to questions over the return of power projects from the NHPC to the state government.
“State government went to Punjab government to construct Ranjit Sagar Dam, and our family is yet to be fully compensated for the land which went under it,” he said, adding, “No employment was given to our people.”
Singh said that NHPC was ready to give the state everything. “We were discussing Kishenganga power project in the government but then we pondered over as to whether JKSPDC could rehabilitate people at such a huge level,” he told the Legislative Council. “It is a people’s issue and it is very important as they have been dislocated.”
The deputy chief minister underscored the need for hydropower projects in the state. “We are making state polices for three power projects in Chenab, keeping in view the interest of people as well as state,” he said.
“We have got survey done of all the power projects in Chenab Valley by IIT Roorkee.”
He said that Chenab Valley Power Projects Limited (CVPPL) has 210 staffers. The opposition alleged that many outsiders were appointed by the government in CVPPL.