KU facing power crisis: Faculty, students suffer

KU facing power crisis: Faculty, students suffer
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Umar Fayaz

Srinagar: The faculty members and students of the University of Kashmir said that they are facing severe problems due to frequent power cuts in the varsity, “which hampers their research, academic and official activities.”
A Research scholar from science faculty, who wished not to be named, said, “The faculty quarters do not have proper heating system. The only heating system for faculty members at quarters are room heaters which are dependent on electricity. Many of the scientific instruments have been damaged due to the unscheduled power supply.”
He added: “Almost every day our scientific research is ruined by the frequent and unscheduled power cuts.”
According to insiders, every month the university is paying 4 lack rupees power fee to PDD. The university receives its power supply from Habak receiving station.
The students have to wait for hours for downloading a single sheet of form, as most of the times electricity of the campus goes off unexpectedly.
Electricity is the primary source of heating and lighting for the students residing in the hostels of the university, but the unscheduled power cuts cause them shiver in this chilling cold weather. Students said they cannot read at night as electricity of hostels goes off most of the times.
The faculty members and students requested the state government to solve this electricity issue as soon as possible.