Kashmir valley turned into jail ahead of 26 Jan: NC

Kashmir valley turned into jail ahead of 26 Jan: NC
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Riyaz ul Khaliq
Jammu: The opposition National Conference (NC) on Tuesday lambasted the PDP-BJP government for turning the Kashmir valley into “Jail-Khana” on the eve of January 26 function.
As soon as the Legislative Assembly resumed business this morning, NC legislators stood from their seats and asked government to explain as why Kashmiri people were being harassed on the pretext of January 26.
“Whole Kashmir valley has been turned into a jail,” NC’s Ali Mohammad Sagar told the house. “People are being harassed, continuously frisked; no one is allowed to move and people are being arrested,” Sagar said.
He added that government showed no mercy to students who were ruthlessly beaten in Srinagar yesterday.
The NC members raised slogans “Naalayak sarkar – hai hai; PDP-BJP – hai hai”.
The NC MLAs walked towards the well but Parliamentary Affairs minister, Abdul Rehman Veeri, asked them to take their seats.
“You are not even listening to genuine concern,” Sagar told the treasury benches and walked-out from the house along with other NC members.