Ist semester results fail KU, students protest

Ist semester results fail KU, students protest
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Varsity blame OMR sheets, say filled inaccurately


Srinagar: The under graduate students from various colleges of Kashmir protested against the University of Kashmir after a large number of students were declared failing in Ist semester examination, held last year.
Students assembled first in the university campus and later came out in protest outside on the road. Later, the students reached the city centre and blocked the MA Road for some time.
The protesters said that a majority of students have failed in examination, which they said was incomprehensible.
Many students have been shown failing in different subjects.
“We have started our first semester in 2016 and now we are in third semester. The results of our first semester exams were declared on 19TH January. Even after such delay the results are shocking for all the students as majority number of the students have failed,” Shabir Ahmad a student said.
The students accused the authorities of misplacing their papers and said the controller of examinations was not responding to the questions.
“When we asked him to show us our answer papers he refused by saying ‘do whatever you want, I am not going to show you anything’,” a protestor said.
The KU authorities later blamed inaccuracies in filling OMR sheets by students for the crisis. In a notification, explaining the problem the Controller of Examinations, listed a number of reasons behind the results of several students who were declared as “LO/ NA” or even “Re-appear.
Stating that the number of such candidates, who had inaccurately filled the OMR sheets was more than 7000, the officials said it will take more than 15 days to 15 days to “correct and assess their OMR sheets and declare their results”.
The reasons listed by the university for the problem include:
Candidates have not darkened the respective circles on the OMR sheets and have rather put a dot or have encircled the respective answer or have ticked the respective answer which couldn’t be read by the OMR machine. “Such OMR sheets are being identified and shall be assessed again by the OMR machine after correcting the mistakes committed by the students.”
Other category of students whose result has been shown re-appear or LO have not darkened up the respective circles on the OMR sheet in the space where Roll No has to be written. They have instead written their Roll Nos in figures rather than darkening of circles, which could not be read by OMR machine.
Another category of students have not mentioned the series of Question Papers on the OMR sheet, therefore, respective answer key could not be applied to assess the marks obtained by the students;
Furthermore, the result of the some of the candidates has been declared as LO/re-appear whose practical awards were not submitted till date.