Govt, political parties must stay out of judicial crisis: Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday said the government and political parties must stay out of the unprecedented judicial crisis, gave enough indications that the upcoming Budget may not be populist and asserted his poll slogan of “Congress-free India” was not aimed at eliminating the party politically.
In a wide-ranging 75-minute interview to New Delhi based news channel, when asked about the crisis in the Supreme Court after the four senior most judges came out to openly criticise allocation of sensitive cases by the chief justice, Modi said, “I think I should stay away from this debate. The government must also stay away. The political parties must also keep out of it.” In his first public remarks on the unprecedented crisis that rocked the Supreme Court since the January 12 press conference by the four judges, the prime minister expressed confidence that the judiciary will sit together to find a solution to its problems.
“Our country’s judiciary has a very bright past, they are very capable people. They will sit together and find a solution to their problems. I have faith in our justice system, they will definitely figure out a solution,” he said.