Geelani remembers Gawkadal martyrs

Geelani remembers Gawkadal martyrs
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SRINAGAR: Remembering the Gawkadal massacre, Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday said: “Indian occupational forces have left their brutal footprints in every nook and corner of the state and Gawkadal is one among these massacres”.
In a statement, Geelani said, “People were peacefully protesting against the highhandedness of forces when they were showered with bullets from all around. More than 50 people were massacred.”
He said history may not have witnessed such “heinous acts of barbarism”. “Some (people) jumped into the river Jhelum and others could not even run for their life,” he said.
“Gawkadal massacre was planned and executed by the then governor Jagmohan but the bloody events thereafter were carried out under the nose of the so-called Kashmiri leadership which has been thriving on our dead bodies for the last 70 years,” he said.
“Neither Jagmohan was questioned over his brutality nor were the local goons taken to task for their blood-drenched hands. We continue to bleed for the last 7 decades but it fails to get any attention from the powers and people who day in and day out are delivering sermons on human rights, democracy and peace.”
“Unfortunately our political vultures most cunningly and hypocritically are in the race to sell our blood and honour for their belly,” he added.
Hailing the courage and determination of the families of massacre victims, Geelani said, “We can never afford to distance (ourselves) from the sacred mission of martyrs and (we must) need to try our best to get rid of this humiliating slavery.”
“These martyrs are the torch bearers of our movement and every soul reminds us of this noble cause. The best way to pay homage to our beloved heroes is that we should not fall prey to the nefarious designs of our oppressor and their stooges. We should take the pledge that we will fight this oppression tooth and nail till our last breath and wishfully will render any sacrifice to achieve our goal.”
The Hurriyat chairman appealed people not to get swayed by the glory and glitter of the “hollow” slogans of the “local puppets” and their masters. “Otherwise these martyrs will catch hold of us on the doomsday and question us that we had given our today for your tomorrow but you bargained our sacrifices, blood and flesh for your gains,” he said.
Meanwhile, Geelani reiterated an appeal for complete shutdown on January 25 and 27 in Handwara and Kupwara towns of north Kashmir respectively to pay homage and tributes to massacre martyrs.
He appealed to world human rights bodies like Amnesty International and Asia Watch to conduct a probe into “all these unfortunate incidents of mass killings”.
Meanwhile, Hurriyat Conference condemned the continuous house detention of its senior leader Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai and continuous detention of amalgam chief spokesperson Ghulam Ahmad Gulzar, Bilal Sidique, Mohammad Ashraf Laya, Umar Aadil Dar, Mohammad Yasin Aataie, Syed Imtiyaz Hyder and Ashiq Hussain Narchoor.