Gauseva Ayog starts cow tourism in Gujarat

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AHMEDABAD: While Asiatic lions remain one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gujarat, the humble cow is set to become the newest draw for travellers in the state.
Authorities have initiated a “cow tourism” project to promote and popularise bovine rearing in the state. It has been introduced by the Gujarat State Gauseva Ayog.
People interested in understanding about cow rearing and various other aspects, such as making products using cow urine and dung, are taken to a two day trip of some of the best-kept cow shelters as well as designated “gauchars” (grazing land), said Gauseva Ayog chairman Vallabh Kathiria.
“Cow tourism is a step towards making people understand the economic benefits of keeping cows. Most people are not aware that we can earn good income by preparing some basic products, such as bio-gas and medicines, using cow dung and urine.
“Cow tourism is all about combining the religious aspect with the economical aspect attached with the cow,” said Kathiria.
While cow urine has several medicinal and disinfectant properties and its extract is used in making organic phenyl and soap, cow dung serves as a raw material for producing bio- gas, fertiliser and for making incense sticks, he said.
“Under this project, we arrange a two-day tour of the shelters doing a commendable job in not only keeping the cows in good condition but also making money by preparing cow dung and urine-based products.
“In a short span of introducing this project, we have arranged several such trips across the state,” he said.