Dilapidated Tankipora Bridge endangers lives of travellers

Dilapidated Tankipora Bridge endangers lives of travellers
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Mohsina Yaseen

Srinagar: The construction of a vital Tankipora bridge connecting Divisional Commissioners office with Amira kadal is still awaiting completion since it got damaged in 2014 floods.
According to the residents, the supporting pillars of the existing bridge have turned weak and its collapse anytime can prove deadly for pedestrians as well commuters.
The residents added that a makeshift Bailey bridge was constructed over the bridge but that is too narrow to cater to the rush of travellers.
Nazir Ahmad a local resident of Tankipora said, “We face a lot of problems in travelling because of frequent jams as only single vehicle can cross over it. The bridge shakes with the movement of vehicles. People travelling from other places to these offices have to take other long routes to reach there. We have approached authorities from time to time but all in vain”.
Another local said that recently there was fire incident in a nearby area, as soon as fire brigade reached near the bridge; it took it 10 minutes to cross over due to the traffic jam.
Muhammad Yousuf Munshi of Tankipora lamented the slow pace of construction of the bridge, “The dredging of banks for construction purposes has given free space to dogs now as the project has been abandoned again and again.From last 3 years, govt is doing work in instalments which have added further to the worries of people here.’
Meanwhile, Executive Engineer, R&B Ab. Waheed Khan said “proposal for a new bridge has been formulated and the process of shifting of utilities has already begun. We are expecting to resume whole work after 26th January.”