Srinagar district library in miserable state

Srinagar district library in miserable state
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SRINAGAR: The district library for Srinagar, located at Habba Kadal, boasts of some 30,000 books but fails to engage readers because of the miserable state it is in.
Established in 1980’s the library is facing infrastructure problems.
The building housing it is in poor state, the window panes are broken, and dust has settled on the walls.
For a district library, it is not even spacious enough, with its reading room hardly accommodating a dozen people.
There are just three rooms in the library, a staff room, computer room, and a reading room. The reading room has a fine furnished sitting arrangements, but the space is limited, for upto 12 students.
Located on a busy road, the place is full of noise and chaos almost all the time. Loud noises of public transport ring your ears along with other noises from the market.
“The basic problem with the library here is bad condition of the building physically and the location of our library, Mostly a few number of readers visit this library and this is because of the loud noise of the traffic and the other sources of noise here, like, stone pelting happens mostly here, so the environment here is not suitable for reading peacefully,” in charge of the library Rufaida Shaheen said.
Shaheen said that the library has around 30,000 books and including good material for the medical
and non-medical students seeking opportunities in competitive exams like; JEE, NEET.
“On May 2016, our library received featured material for medical and non-medical students, we also offer free counseling to these students,” she said.
Students can read the content of the library anytime and anywhere, free of cost after registration, as a lot of content is also available online in the form of online books on the library website.
Shaheen, however said , that they get around 9 to 10 visitors a day.
“We want more students to come to our library and avail the benefits we are offering,” said Shaheen.
She however acknowledged that as a district library “this should be the no 1 library in our city,”