Protests in Bandipora against power crisis

Protests in Bandipora against power crisis
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Traders threaten to disrupt Kishenganga project, call for shutdown on Monday

Bandipora: Traders and civil society held a protest against Power Development Department for frequent power outages here Saturday.
The protesting traders said that Bandipora district was overlooked by successive governments and that it receives “meagre 12 Mega watt power supply” from decades.
The protestors gathered in the main market in Bandipora disrupting the traffic movement for hours.
Talking to the media the traders federation president, Shamshad Ahmad said that many areas in the district have seen no power supply from last 18 hours, while frequent power cuts were a routine.
“We will cut the supplies to Kishanganga power project in the district as it is been given priority over the 50 Mega watt grid station, which is yet to start operations even after a decade,” he said. The traders said that the 50 Mega watt power station in Ashtengoo, which was supposed to compensate the demand of power consumption in the district has been left unoperational due to stay brought in by residents in Ganderbal for setting up transmission towers.
“Authorities lack seriousness to resolve the issue with farmers while as for Kishanganga power project, they filed PSAs on people to force them into submission,” Shamshad said.
He added that while authotrities used all means, including negotiations and state power, to resolve issues of Kishengana project, no seriousness was shown to resolve the issue surrounding few towers for the Ashtenghoo station.
“According to the official information, the 95 percent work is complete, but admin is not in a mood to negotiate with farmers or land owners to set up few towers,” he said. Shouting anti government slogans, the protestors complained that their repeated pleas to the district administration fell on deaf ears. The traders also shouted slogans against the local MLA from Congress.
They threatened to carry out protests on daily basis and called for a complete shutdown on Monday against government faliure in regulating power supply.