On the Muslim Condition: Hope, Patience and Steadfastness in Faith can Redeem us

On the Muslim Condition: Hope, Patience and Steadfastness in Faith can Redeem us
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By Shah Hussain

Deep contemplation and thought(s) propel me to jot down and express the world’s biggest irony. This pertains to the oft repeated dictum, that is, the world is civilized. The prosaic reality, however, is that the world is far from this ideal state or condition. From the poignant plight of the Ronhingyas to the pathos and bathos of Palestinians, to name a few, what emerges is that while humanity may have progressed in some domains, in vital others, it continues to be in the throes of barbarism, most of which is directed against Muslims.
The sad and tragic plight of Muslims reflects the baser instincts of their detractors.
Ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas, the illegal subjugation of Al-Quds, bloodshed on the Palestinian streets, the conflict in Kashmir, deadly chemical-attacks in Syria, mass killings in Iraq, annihilation of Afghanistan, the plaque in Yemen, insurgency in Pakistan or the general precariousness in all Muslim countries suggest and reflect the depths humanity has plumbed to. By and large, Muslims are being showered by the blitzkrieg of humiliation, obloquy and acrimony in all gestural, verbal and behavioural forms thereby creating the ferment of Islamophobia.
Here lies the irony.
The so called “civilized” world is considerate and sympathetic towards Manchester or New York attacks as according to them human lives do matter. However, the “civilized” world wears a blindfold when it comes to the genocide or illegal subjugation of Muslims. (It is not even considered an act of transgression). Unfortunately, the circle seems to revolve around Muslims. We, the subjects of the “civilized” world wallow in self pity. But, this is not what our religion enjoins. Against the backdrop of structural violence against Muslims, we must go deep into our religion which will reveal to us that we are more accountable than anyone else for our downfall.
Stepping back and observing from the vantage point of history, it will be obvious that in all endeavours, be it politics, power, knowledge, wisdom, technology, everything was in our basket. We must recollect and remember what bogged us down. What will be revealed is that ignored the laws of Quran, made transgression in terms of social evils, suppression, corruption, deceit, mistrust, adultery, riba(interest), and so on. In short, no stone has been left unturned by us thus sowing the seeds of self-destruction.
Not only this, but we also turned a deaf ear and blind eye towards the impeccable and quintessential seerah of our beloved Prophet (SAW). All these omissions and commissions, beyond any doubt, have left the whole ummah in the lurch. Allah clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran “And whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it, and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it), and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Severe in punishment.” (59:7).The exalted Lord has warned us about our wrong doings and we have certainly faced or are facing the wrath, in every possible form, through every possible medium for nothing but transgression and disobedience. As a consequence, the swords of tyranny hang over Muslims and sufferings have engulfed us in every visible part of the world.
The need of the hour for Muslims is to come out of our self made vicious circle, gain consciousness from the deep slumber, act in accordance with Quranic principles, follow the footsteps of the beloved Prophet (SAW), give up wrong doings, make repentance and above all live in unity and harmony. Allah clearly states, “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided”. Our Lord dealt with the tyrants very well, brought their stratagem into naught and sabotaged them every single time. The macabre that has enshrouded us for ages should not make us desolate. It is hope and prayer that should rule our hearts and our credo must be, “O Lord, pour down upon us patience, make our steps firm and assist us against the tyrants!

—The author, an MBA student, can be reached at: shahhussain.ku@gmail.com