Geelani asks India, Pak to observe restraint along border

Geelani asks India, Pak to observe restraint along border
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He warned that a flare-up at the border could lead to all-out war

SRINAGAR: Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday expressed his deep concern over the “loss of precious lives” in recent shelling on the line of control (LoC).
In a statement, Geelani said that unless Kashmir dispute is resolved in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of people, “the risk of collision between the two nuclear powers will be devastating not only for the region, but for the whole world.”
“To mislead their own people and international community, LoC is being kept hot and tense so that gross human rights violations and barbarism by the Indian armed forces, for the last 7 decades, particularly during the present uprising, are hushed up in the thunders of guns roaring on the line of control,” Geelani said.
He stated that as a result of “shelling”, human lives are lost irrespective of their creed, colour, and religion including commoners and uniformed as well. “Their property is lost and they every now and then have to flee from their native places putting them under severe psychological and physical stress,” Geelani said.
Hurriyat Chairman said that “our freedom struggle is indigenous”, and people of Jammu Kashmir are striving for their “basic and fundamental right” legalised by not only world body but India as well. “India with its arrogance of power has subjected the whole population to unparalleled brutalities to creating a graveyard silence,” he said.
Referring to the threatening statement of Indian home minister, wherein he said that India in a befitting reply will teach Pakistan a lesson, Geelani appealed to India and Pakistan to demonstrate “restraint and wisdom”, and play a constructive role for peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue, which, he said, poses a threat to world peace.
“War and inconsistencies are no options, instead they cause devastation and destruction. Both India and Pakistan are nuclear countries and any flare up can prove extremely detrimental,” he said.
War is neither an option nor a solution to issues, he said, and added that Kashmir issue has “multiplied human tragedies”, and it was because of this lingering issue that millions of people were facing immense hardship and a state of “uncertainty and instability was looming over the whole south Asian region.”
Geelani said, “Ministers statement testifies our claim that India with its haughty and stubborn approach is delaying the peaceful solution to Kashmir issue, and instead of taking appropriate measures, India is hatching conspiracies to destabilise Pakistan.”
He said India has to play a great in creating a conducive atmosphere and they needed to shun their “stubborn attitude and accept ground reality” regarding the Kashmir issue.
Hurriyat chairman said that world is changing fast and no just voice can be muzzled by any kind of brutality and force. “The political uncertainty and glomming clouds of collision still prevail in the sub-continent because of the arrogance and stubbornness of India, which looks Kashmir only through the prism of the law and order and shies away from addressing it in its historical perspective, and unless India concedes to the just and realistic demands of the people of Kashmir, both India and Pakistan particularly Kashmiri will continue to bleed and peace will be a distant dream for everybody living here,” Geelani said.