182 Hangul in Dachigam: Govt

182 Hangul in Dachigam: Govt
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SRINAGAR: Total population of Hangul in Kashmir’s Dachigam National Park was at 182(+/- 39.39) with an upper and limit lowest limit of 214 and 138, the state government said Saturday.
Giving details in reply to a question by MLA Eidgah, Mubarak Gul in the legislative assembly, the government said the last census of Hangul was conducted in March 2017.
Forest minister Lal Singh said that 2016-17 witnessed most man-wild animal conflicts in last two years during which a total of 21 persons were killed in the fatal incidents. In 2016-2017 total death cases were 21 while 156 persons were injured. “Total 253 persons were injured the incidents for which Rs 60.33 lakh were paid as compensation,” the government said. “Rs 65.70 paid were paid compensation for the deceased during the financial year.” In the corresponding year, 2017-18, the government said 9 persons were killed in the man-animal conflicts while 97 people were injured.