Mushtaq-ul-Islam condemns NIA chargesheet against resistance leaders

SRINAGAR: Muslim League chairman Mushtaq-ul-Islam on Friday said the filing of chargesheet by NIA against the resistance leaders demonstrates the “imperialist and fascist mindset” of India.
In a statement, Mushtaq said New Delhi by doing so wants to break the resolve of the freedom loving people of Kashmir.
“If India remembers the history of its freedom movement, it can easily admit that the movement based on justified and principled grounds can never be defeated and destroyed through such condemnable tactics,” the ML chairman said. “Adopting such barbaric methods reveal that India has admitted defeat in Kashmir.”
He said that summoning Dr Bilquees Shah, wife of the prominent pro-freedom leader Shabir Ahmad Shah, to Delhi by the Directorate of Enforcement on 30 January 2018 shows “wretched and revengeful mindset” of India.