Goa village evacuated after ammonia gas tanker leak

Panaji: Hundreds of residents in Goa’s Chicalim village were Friday evacuated from their homes after a tanker carrying ammonia overturned on the nearby Vasco City- Panji highway in the wee hours.
“The tanker carrying ammonia overturned at around 2.45 a.m. and the gas started leaking from it. Police, Fire, and Emergency Services were directed to raise an alarm and evacuate the entire area,” Deputy Collector Mahadev Arondekar told PTI.
The disaster response mechanism was pressed into action and people were asked to vacate their houses as the gas had spread around the entire area of Chicalim which is located on the highway, a few kilometers away from State Airport.
The highway crossing through Chicalim village was also blocked and the traffic diverted through other roads, said Arondekar.
Nearly 300 houses are located in the area where the incident took place. PTI