‘Decrease in dog bite cases’

‘Decrease in dog bite cases’
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SRINAGAR: The graph of dog bite cases have considerably decreased from last six years, states the report submitted by Srinagar Municipal Corporation before the court in public interest litigation related to dog menace.
As per the report, the number of cases which have been treated at Shri Mahraja Hari Singh Hospital(SMHS) are 7000 in year 2012, 6041 in 2013, 4917 cases in 2014, 5100 cases in 2015, 5120 cases in 2016 and 2533 cases have been treated till ending September,2017.
The report states that there is 30 percent decline in dog bite cases with reference to the guidelines followed under the umbrella of Animal Welfare Board of India whose main objective is to free India from the incidence of rabies by 2020.
It was informed to the court through the report that two important strategies have helped to decrease the number of dog bite cases. One is minimizing the availability of high energy rich protein food and the other is Animal birth control and anti-rabies programme.
One of the officers of Srinagar Municipal corporation said before the that if there was no energy rich garbage available, there will be low proliferation of stray dogs which means automatically birth of stray dogs can be controlled and cases of dog bites can be reduced to large extent.
Meanwhile, the report also states that there is a dire need of sensitisation of cleanliness in and around the city for which common people should take lead by avoiding garbage disposal on roads and nearby paths.
The report states that around 200 metric tons of high energy waste is generated per day and SMC on war footing basis are continuously reducing the availability of this high energy rich garbage to stray dogs.
“From last few years we have been trying hard and results are also evident. We have somehow managed garbage management by reducing the open garbage and we have almost closed more than 360 open garbage sheds. Door to door collection of garbage has helped a lot in improving the hygiene level besides we have installed 350 dustbins across the city,” health officer of SMC said.
The report further submits that at present 10-12 surgeries are taking place per day at 50-kennel dog sterilisation centre. “We are in process of setting up another centre where around eighty surgeries are going to take place per day. The tenders have already been floated,” he said.