Budgam without a slaughter house for 20 years

Budgam without a slaughter house for 20 years
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Sadaf Shabir

Budgam: Notwithstanding newest policies of the government on food safety, the people in Budgam have been deprived of quality mutton due to lack of a slaughter house for almost two decades. The non-availability of abattoir has led butchers to slaughter animals at their choicest places, especially within the confines of their homes.
Gulam Mohammad Lone, numberdar Budgam said that there was a slaughter house functioning in Budgam long back and it boasted proper staff that would monitor the animals before slaughtering.
“This is the thing of past. The slaughter house is dysfunctional now we don’t know whether the meat we are consuming is hygienic or not,” he said.
Ali Mohammad Mir, a local from Budgam said that after the slaughter house became non-functional, the authorities did not make efforts to restore. He said some nomads are using the dilapidated building for sheltering their horses during rainy days.
Mohammad Rafiq Ganie owner of meat shop in main market Budgam told Kashmir reader that they too face various problems in bringing meat to shop. “I am working as butcher for the past 15 years but I have never seen the slaughter house functional,” he said.
Local leader Agha Syed Mehmood, during his tenure as a minister had established the slaughter house in the area way back in 1988.
Syed Nayeem Rizvi, executive Municipal officer said the slaughter house is not functional for about fifteen years now and the butchers were carrying out slaughtering at their homes. He said a food inspector keeps an eye on the slaughtering.
“We require four kanals of land to construct new slaughter house,” he said.