There’s More to Life(and Intelligence) than Grades

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By Mir Umar

After a certain time, board results were declared in Jammu & Kashmir. Students were desperately waiting for their results; so were their parents. They were desirous to see their year’s hard work blooming in form of marks. It’s a harmony for the parents as well as for the teachers who contribute in the success of students. No matter how disastrous conditions have prevailed in valley, students have always brought laurels which estimate their dedication and hard work towards their studies. It’s a moment of pride for all of us!
Board exams are a crucial process in which students have to appear. These contain many important phases and through all those phases, a student has to continue with his/her beat. Going through all these phases demands dedication and consistency which then yields fruitful results. And, all multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in the journey towards result put forth their harvest. But to sideline the student’s efforts and labeling them as ‘Failure’ on the basis of grades is really disheartening to see. Is it really a good thing to draw parallels to their potential? Are we not distressing our students?
There are so many students who, for some reason, couldn’t get good grades or who have failed in their board exams and are feeling low and embarrassed now. There should be no reason in feeling ashamed because the life has much more greater challenges ahead. At this point of time if you lose your hope for some grades then you would abate yourself in the journey ahead. Failure doesn’t mean that we should give up and surrender but it means to imbue our efforts with more dedication and hard work. Students who abstain themselves rather understand what failure demands from them are not being wise. They should not abdicate their potential because for some measly grades they are killing a million ton hope inside. Hope is the antidote to all our problems. If you have hope in yourself then you can achieve anything but if you don’t, then you will die in the abattoir of despair. Failure should be taken positively as it is a first learning step towards a more perfect journey. Learning from your failures invites success towards yourself.
The thing that’s annoying me is that why parents are acrid towards children on the basis of their marks? What role does our society play- abusive or acknowledgeable?
The main brutal thing parents do with their children is comparing their grades with some other children. It is like carnage for the students as if they are involved in some accusation. Comparing is very common in Kashmir. When the potential of one student is compared with potential of other student who could be their relative, neighbor or anyone in the society, leaves a student is frustration. Instead of supporting their children in hard times, parents add fuel to already existing fire. If everyone in this world be of same strength or potential then there would have been no balance in the world. Parents start abusing their children; some even beat their children for some marks. Then what is the result of it? Students in aggression and stress leave their studies. In my opinion, if from abusing and beating the children can give those grades then animals should be kept in schools rather children because only animals, the voiceless creatures don’t resist the cruelness of humans. Such abusive behavior towards children on the basis of grades in unacceptable. Then, the role of society, which instead acting as mediator invites a new war which further depresses the children. If comparing can make a society more knowledgeable then we should start comparing Albert Einstein with William Shakespeare, Cristiano Ronaldo with Steve Jobs and so on. These things only muddle the students a step ahead. It’s sheer foolishness.
Let me narrate a story of a child who was failure for his teachers, society and everyone. Once, a child was sent back to home from school with a note in his hand. The teacher told him to show that note to his mother. When the child returned home, his mother asked him why he had come back. The child showed her the note which read, “Your child is stubborn. He can’t do anything. So, it’s better to teach him at home.” At that moment, the child’s mother didn’t lose hope. She took an oath of teaching the supposedly failure child at home by herself. That failure, silly and stubborn child became the world renowned scientist known as Thomas Alva Edison. The great scientist, whose invention brought light in every home, was termed as ‘Failure’ once,
So, it’s the collective effort of parents, students and teachers to boost up their children’s’ endeavor. Give them hope of doing their best in their suitable interests. Don’t let their talent to go in vain. Believe in them. Love them and it’s all what they need. After all grades don’t define how intelligent a child is.

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