SMC paves way for non-locals to grab Srinagar hoarding space

SMC paves way for non-locals to grab Srinagar hoarding space
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SRINAGAR: The Srinagar Municipal Corporation has paved the way for outsiders to grab the contract for outdoor advertising hoardings in the city.
Making it near impossible for local bidders, by asking them to have held a single contract with government or semi-government agency worth Rs 70 lakh during the last two years, the SMC has opened the way for outsiders though a clause of “Power of attorney from the Company (from outside the State) for representing the company in Srinagar”.
Local bidders said that they took up the issue with the concerned SMC officials who assured them of relaxation in norms along with an extension in deadline for filing of tenders.
“We met the officials last week, and they assured us of relaxation in the norms and even assured us to extend the deadline for filing the tender,” said one of the bidders.
Adding that the tender notice is explicitly made to make it only fit for non-locals big business houses.
Unlike the previous contracts the SMC this year has not mentioned any relaxation to the entrepreneur for suffering losses during strikes or curfews.
Commisioner SMC, Riyaz Ahmad Wani told Kashmir Reader that so far we have not extended the deadline.
“Let them send a representation to us and we will talk to the Commissioner Secretary,” he said adding that they could even mail me the grievances.