Rawat trying to demoralise Kashmiris through statements: Aasiya Andrabi

Rawat trying to demoralise Kashmiris through statements: Aasiya Andrabi
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SRINAGAR: Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Wednesday said the statement of Indian army chief Gen Bipin Rawat on Kashmir exposes his intellectual “bankruptcy and senselessness”.
Rawat on Wednesday said that “people in Kashmir have got tired and have realised that they cannot achieve what they have desired for”.
“This statement by Rawat is a clear example of how shallow, ill-informed and intellectually bankrupt he is,” Dukhtaran chief said in a statement. “He should know that the situation in Kashmir, nowadays, is similar to the 1990s as crackdowns, repression, arrests, killings and also resistance by the people is as it was back then.”
She said by issuing such statements, it becomes obvious that “Indians believe in their propaganda”. “It seems that he (Rawat) is now deceiving none other than his own self,” she said.
“The reality is that India and its authorities are frustrated by the fact that from doctors, scholars, intellectuals to small children; Kashmiris are adopting arms to struggle against India. By issuing such statements, Rawat is trying to make his masters happy and also demoralise the people of Jammu and Kashmir. All Indian efforts and policies in Kashmir have failed and will continue to fail until India ends it illegal occupation.”
She said that “apart from few stooges”, majority in Kashmir are with the resistance movement and are ready to sacrifice everything for this “pious” cause. “India has tried hard to dent the freedom movement. Last year, it tried to hit our economy but by the grace of Almighty Allah, despite suffering huge losses, Kashmiris never showed any resentment against any programme issued by the resistance leadership,” she said.
“This year, the fruit industry was deliberately targeted and Kashmiris suffered huge losses. It was an Indian conspiracy to hit the morale of Kashmiris and make them suffer economically but Alhamdulliah, the people here didn’t budge and are steadfast against the illegal occupation,” she added.
Andrabi said the people of Jammu Kashmir must know that the conspiracies are being hatched by India with support from Israel but “we must not be bogged down by such plots”.
“We must know that our only goal is freedom from India and we will achieve it only when illegal Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir will end; till then our resistance movement will continue,” Aasiya said.