People of Kashmir tired of militancy: Gen Rawat

People of Kashmir tired of militancy: Gen Rawat
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‘Both political and militant fronts must be dealt with’

NEW DELHI: People in Jammu and Kashmir are tired of militancy as they have realised it cannot give them what they want, Army chief Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday.
He also said strong curbs are put on the militant wing of “terrorist” organisations for their violent activities.
In a Facebook Live session at the ongoing Raisina Dialogue organised by Observer Research Foundation (ORF), Rawat said that people of Kashmir have come to know that it is not possible to secede from India.
“The people of Kashmir in general, I think, are getting tired of terrorism. They have seen it for too long and they have realised that it hasn’t given them what they had desired for,” he said.
“Let me tell you, with a country like India, to seek independence from a nation where we have strong armed forces, very strong democracy and very strong government… you cannot secede away from India.
“This is what people have realised and while of course some of them have gotten radicalised into joining terrorism and maybe it gives them a macho image or whatever happens, I do feel that most of them want to join the mainstream, but some of them who have got radicalised I think we need to address those people and carry out with our deradicalisation campaign. If that works, I think we can succeed in putting an end to terrorism,” he said.
Tha Army chief said “all terror outfits have a militant and a political front and to deal with the menace of terrorism, both need to be addressed simultaneously”.
However, the political organisation of the outfits continues with its activities of “indoctrination, spreading propaganda, generation of funds, including in the name of the NGOs”, he said.
Both the militant and political fronts of “terror” groups need to be addressed simultaneously, Rawat said.
On ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC), he said Pakistan is trying to make an attempt to revive insurgency. “The LoC is live because of infiltration taking place from across the border. There are terrorist (sic) bases very much inside Pakistan, attempt is being made to revive insurgency in Kashmir because people feel there is some semblance of peace that is returning in the Valley and we realise large scale infiltration taking place in coming few months,” he said.
“That is why border is being kept active and alive by the Pakistani troops to support terrorists and support them in infiltration across LoC.”
The Army chief said that as long as Pakistan keeps attempting to send militants across the border, India will keep taking action.

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  1. Noorundin Hamdan Shah Kashmiri sultanate   January 18, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    Denial of the Kashmiri aspiration for an independent state despite it being a continual out cry by the populace.

    The basics of occupation show evidence of both India and Pakistan seeking to acquire by force and have made numerous attempt to quash any populace attempts to strive for sovereignty as is said my times the Kashmiri are different from the Indians.

    The attempts to resolve is dispute with Pakistan minus the people of Kashmir who’s land it is the opium which all occupiers have been on since the occupation.

    On the argument of the ‘indian democracy’ which in fact is based on the notions of the elected government in power which at the moment is a rather far right and yet corrupt government & can never be trusted. For reference of both ‘Kashmiri parliament’ don’t represent the interests of their people but their masters in Islamabad or Delhi.