Gawkadal, Handwara, Kupwara massacres

Gawkadal, Handwara, Kupwara massacres
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JRL calls for shutdown on Jan 21, 25 and 27 in respective areas

SRINAGAR: Calling for complete shutdown in Lal Chowk areas, Handwara and Kupwara towns on January 21, 25 and 27 respectively, and holding of rally on January 21 at Gawkadal, the joint resistance leadership (JRL) on Wednesday said the “carnage” at Gawkadal, Handwara and Kupwara remind us of “Indian brutal occupation and oppression”.
In a statement, the JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik said, “Illegal military occupation followed by such massacres symbolises callousness under the garb of so-called democracy.”
“The nation of Kashmir is indebted to martyrs who laid down their lives for freedom and the resistance leadership pledges to continue this struggle till the achievement of the sacred goal.”
The leaders added, “Indian military occupation started its killing machine from Gawkadal when on 21 January 1990, its forces opened guns on peaceful protesters and callously murdered more than 50 innocents within an hour. This massacre was followed by massacres at Handwara and Kupwara where hundreds of Kashmiris were gunned down by police and forces with impunity.”
They said the united India during its struggle for freedom against British rule witnessed only one Jalianwala Bagh massacre but Kashmiris have witnessed dozens of such massacres carried out by Indian forces from 1990 and this “carnage” is continuing unabated.
The JRL said the sole aim of India is to “terrorise” the people of Kashmir through these “brutal” massacres and to put an end to resistance movement but New Delhi has failed to do so in past and will fail in future too. “In 1990, the people of Jammu Kashmir revolted against Indian occupation and to crush this resistance, at the orders of political leadership, Indian army and forces started their killing machine,” it said.
“Days like January 21, 25 and 27 of the year 1990 remind us of the sacrifices rendered by our loved ones. These are the days for renewal and reiteration of our commitment and today while recalling these great sacrifices, we reiterate our pledge to take forward the mission of martyrs till the achievement of the desired goal.”
Calling for a complete shutdown on January 21, Sunday, in Gawkadal, Lal Chowk, Budshah Chowk, Maisuma, Basant Bagh, Barbarshah, Red Cross road and Koker Bazaar areas, and on January 25, Thursday, in Handwara town and on January 27, Saturday, in Kupwara town of north Kashmir, the JRL said, “People of these areas will protest against the brutality of Indian occupation and pay homage to the revered martyrs.”
“To commemorate the Gawkadal martyrs, a public meeting will also be held at Gawkadal in which JRL leaders and activists will participate and pay homage to great martyrs,” Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik said in a statement.