Cancer on rise in Kashmir, govt reveals in alarming data

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Riyaz ul Khaliq
Jammu: There has been an alarming rise in cancer cases in Kashmir valley with 2017 registering most cases, government said on Thursday.

In a written reply to MLC Saif-ud-Din Bhat, the health minister told the Legislative Council that a total of 5731 cancer cases have been registered in Kashmir.

The government also said that there has been increase in number of cases of Diabetes Mellitus (Type-2) in Kashmir.

The government revealed the data for last seven years and there has been a consistent rise since 2011. However, 2013 had witnessed a considerable decrease in number of cancer patients from 3288 in 2012 to 3157 in 2013.

The government also detailed the reasons behind the cause of cancer and the steps being taken by health ministry to cure the disease.