Uproar in Assembly over arrest of Bilal Kawa

Uproar in Assembly over arrest of Bilal Kawa
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Jammu: The arrest of Bilal Ahmad Kawa by Delhi police on January 10 at Delhi airport resonated in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday with opposition legislators pressing government for its statement and action on the issue.
Delhi Police and Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad had arrested Kawa on last Wednesday in the 2000 Red Fort attack case for his alleged links to the case.
As soon as the legislative assembly resumed its business on Tuesday, independent legislator, Sheikh Abdul Rasheed stood up from his seat and pressed the PDP-BJP government to inform the House on arrest of Kawa and current status of case.
“What is Bilal Kawa’s crime?” Rasheed asked. “Do you want to create another Afzal Guru out of Kawa?”
“He is innocent and J&K police also told me and the press that Kawa has clear record.”
“Innocents are being jailed,” he said and walked into the well of the house.”We want an answer from the government.”
“Why has Kawa being arrested after 16 years; aap nay ghar ka chiraag buja diya hai,” Rasheed told the house. “J&K CID head has given in writing as was reported in media that there is nothing against Kawa but why has he been arrested?”
“Kya Kashmir ka khoon itna sasta hai,” he said while government remained unmoved and minister A R Veeri continued giving answers on Ring Roads issue.
Addressing the BJP MLAs Rasheed said, “You are humiliating PDP as your government is arresting innocent Kashmiris.”
The National Conference’s Khanyar MLA, Ali Mohammad Sagar, also sought response from the government. However, he was not as vocal as Rasheed was. Kawa hails from Khanyar.
Sagar said that Kawa was only 20 year old when the attacks happened and has since lived in Delhi. “According to my own sources in the area where he lives, Kawa is innocent and has no links with militancy,” Sagar told the house. “37-year-old Kawa has two children, has acquired Aadhaar card as well as Passport and J&K police have clarified that he is innocent,” he said.
Sagar told the government to ask government of India what the case was about. “Are you sacred of GoI,” he asked them.
“When Sushma Swaraj can intervene in such cases involving Indians outside India, why can’t PDP ask her to do same here,” he told the house. “Aap Kashmiriyun ki life tabah kar rahay ho,” he said
In its statement, Parliamentary Affairs minister, A R Veeri, told the house that the government was gathering details and will inform the house about the case.