Speaker leaves govt red-faced, opposition walks-out

Speaker leaves govt red-faced, opposition walks-out
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Riyaz ul Khaliq
Jammu: All the opposition MLAs on Wednesday staged walk-out from the assembly after speaker Kavinder Gupta revealed as how “his security protocol was breached”.
The house was discussing the grants to parliamentary affairs ministry and the MLAs, both from the government and opposition were crying over their role.
While independent MLA Pawan Gupta was speaking and said as how deputy chief minister can get protocol of chief minister, the speaker intervened.
“I have written to SSP Jammu as how can the convoy of Deputy Chief Minister break my protocol,” he told Parliamentary Affairs minister, A R Veeri. “There could be chances of accident but the police do it to keep the deputy CM happy. I have not received any response too.”
On this, the opposition MLAs stood up from their seats chanting “shame for the government”.
They sought action and left the house. PDP minister Javed Mustafa Mir was seen pleading with NC’s Ali Mohammad Sagar as “not to leave the house”.
Veeri assured the house that the matter will be probed and Mir told speaker Gupta that the government was equally concerned over such a behaviour.
The opposition returned to house after two minutes.