Rasheed marshalled out of assembly, ‘injured by staff’

Rasheed marshalled out of assembly, ‘injured by staff’
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Deputy speaker tells media told not to report Rasheed’s words

Jammu: The Legislative Assembly on Tuesday witnessed high drama amid allegations and counter allegations between legislators climaxing in the marshalling out of Independent legislator Sheikh Abdul Rasheed, and a gag on media to report.
Rasheed later alleged that the assembly staff manhandled and injured him while marshalling him out.
Deputy Speaker Nazir Gurezi asked marshals to take Rasheed out of the house after his heated exchange with NC MLA Akbar Lone. Gurezi then pointed towards press gallery and directed: “Don’t report anything about what MLA Rasheed said or did. I should not see anything about this in press.”
This enraged the journalists who left the house in protest.
The trouble began when Rasheed while responding to Budget speech, held National Conference equally responsible for “backdoor appointments” in the assembly secretariat during the time of Mohammad Akbar Lone as speaker.
This enraged Lone who even walked up to Rasheed but was stopped by a party colleague.
Observing that using abusive language was against the ethics and decorum of the House, Rasheed said, “It was unfortunate that few NC MLA used derogatory words against finance minister on Monday in presence of Omar Abdullah.”
“If we are accusing PDP of backdoor appointments in J&K Bank, NC also resorted to such tactics in Legislative Assembly itself,” he alleged.
The allegations enraged Lone who stood up from his seat asking Rasheed “to be in his limits”.
“You only know abuses,” Rasheed told Lone leading to a heated exchange of words which could barely be understood leading to commotion.
Later Deputy Speaker Gurezi stood up from his seat asking legislators to maintain discipline in the house.
“You are habitual of this drama and every day you do something for news value,” Gurezi told Rasheed.
Angry over the remark Rasheed walked into the well and asked the Chair to prove if he had anytime resorted to unruly behaviour or hurt anyone’s sentiments.
Gurezi, however, directed marshals to take him out of the house and dictated a gag on the media.
Outside, in the legislators lounge, the reporters witnessed Rasheed lambasting the assembly secretariat officials for “thrashing and injuring him”.
“It is an attack on my respect and on my people,” he told the assembly secretary, M R Singh. “Kya yaha Dogra Raj hai?”
However, reporters were disallowed to click any pictures. The MLA Langate said that he was injured as “marshals attacked me with punches and some civilian also joined them in attacking me”. “I am boycotting further sittings of the house,” he announced outside the house