India heading towards Hindu Rashtra: Geelani

India heading towards Hindu Rashtra: Geelani
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Condemns arrest of Bilal Kawa

Srinagar: Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday said that India is heading towards Hindu Rashtra and fascism.
A spokesperson said that he was reacting to a recent statement of BJP leader Surinder Singh wherein he has said that “India will be a Hindu ‘Rashtra’ by 2024”,
Geelani said that it invalidates the rhetoric and parroting of local stooges, about India being a “largest democracy ‘’and added that it is quite shocking that they don’t even feel ashamed of distorting facts about so called instrument of accession.
They are even justifying this on wrong assertions and distorting historical facts, said Geelani.
Geelani said that Indians have every right to decide the political structure of their country but in no case have any right to thrust their choice over Muslim community and other minorities living in India.
Referring to historical facts about partition plan, Geelani said that Indian politicians are following deceit and double standard, saying that the ruling parties and politicians in India are unwilling to accept the historical veracities.
Lamenting GoI and its leaders, Geelani said that they themselves are in a fix and even inadvertently acknowledge the two-nation theory, spokesperson said.
Spokesperson quoted Geelani having said “so far as our geographical, cultural and religious affiliations are concerned, we are in no way a part of India, saying that people in state never accepted the so-called instrument of accession.”
Geelani asked all pro- India political parties to shun hypocritical approach and desist from safronizing their politics and avoid any attempt to tinker 35 A or alter Muslim majority character of state, saying that people have rendered unparalleled sacrifices for sacred mission.
Syed Ali Geelani appealed people to boycott upcoming panchayat polls, saying the central and state governments have been using such elections to hoodwink international community.
Meanwhile Geelani strongly condemned the detention of Bilal Kawa, saying Kashmiri youths are being implicated in false cases.
“Those pursuing education, treatment or trade in other parts of India feel insecure as police and agencies haunt them for no reason,” Geelani said.
Geelani while laying stress for his immediate release of Bilal Kawa said that we stand with Kawa family, saying we will extend every possible support to effected family.