220490 Amarnath Yatris visited Kashmir during 2016: Govt

220490 Amarnath Yatris visited Kashmir during 2016: Govt
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Riyaz ul Khaliq
Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir government on Wednesday revealed that the number of Amarnath Yatris had decreased in 2016, however, the number increased in the following year.
In a written reply to MLA Kangan, Mian Altaf, the health ministry said in Legislative Assembly that during 2016, when Kashmir valley witnessed massive uprising, a total of 220, 490 registered Yatris visited the Amarnath Shrine situated in Himalayas.
“In 2017, 260003 Yatris visited the cave,” the data said. It added that the number of Yatris visiting Kashmir had declined 2016 and 2017 as compared to 2015.
“352771 Yatris visited Kashmir,” the government told the lower house of state legislature.
The data revealed that despite low number of Yatris coming in 2017, at least 197000 such Yatris visited the out-patient door (OPD)facilities of health department in Kashmir Valley alone for check-up. In Jammu, a total of 89823 Yatris visited health centres for check-up.