Pro-India parties’ personal and family interests ruined Kashmiris: Dr Qasim

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SRINAGAR: Chairperson of Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Dr Muhammad Qasim on Monday said the pro-India political parties in Jammu and Kashmir are responsible for our “subjugation” and their “personal and family interests” are destroying and “ruining” the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir.
In a statement issued here, Qasim said, “Until we understand the animosity and interests of these pro-India politicians, we will have to face Indian aggression.”
“Pro-India political parties in Jammu and Kashmir have been allowed nepotism and corruption by the Indian rulers. Till date no scandals have been unearthed against them nor have they ever been made accountable for their corruption,” he said.
The MDM chief said Indian media also turns a blind eye towards the “nepotism and corruption” of pro-India parties. “It is a matter of great surprise that a party like BJP, whose leadership doesn’t believe in heavenly rule and opposes Nehru Gandhi dynasty vehemently because of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi supports Sheikh and Mufti families for their family rule,” he said.
Qasim said the sole reason for this “worst kind of duplicity” seems to be that it is in the national interest of India. “Sheikh Abdullah, Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad, and now the Mufti family have been given a free hand for family rule and corruption with dispensation that they will serve Indian imperialistic designs in Jammu and Kashmir without any ifs and buts,” he said.
“Sheikh Abdullah, Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad and Mufti Sayeed – all were from poor families but today their families are billionaires. The corruption prevalent today in Jammu and Kashmir was actually initiated by India in 1947. Indian rulers have not only encouraged this corruption but have supported it.”
The Deeni Mahaz chairperson said that Lalu Prasad Yadav is an “unfortunate person”. “Had he born in Kashmir, he (Lalu) would have been the chief minister despite all the scandals,” Qasim said.