Tucked between stream and mountains

Tucked between stream and mountains
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Gutroo village in Tral remains mostly cut off

Tral: In absence of a bridge over a wide stream, the Gutroo village in Bangadar area of Tral remains literally cut-off from the rest of the world for most part of the year, tucked between the stream and the high, mighty Vasturvan mountain range.
The only thing that connects the village to the world is a makeshift wooden bridge too narrow and wobbling.
The Gutroo village consists of more than 50 households and each household is dependent on the makeshift bridge.
The residents say they have been moving from pillar to post to get a bridge sanctioned, which could put an end to their woes.
“But nobody is listening to us. It is as if we do not exist,” the residents told Kashmir Reader.
They say that the bridge was fine in winters as the stream dries up but in summers the gushing waters of the stream often damage the bridge.
“In summers the only way to reach our village is to pass the stream by foot, which is always dangerous,” the residents lament.
They said that summers or winters if anyone falls sick in the village, the person needs to be carried over shoulders by someone to reach the main road.
And that, the villagers say, is the most distressing part given that the village does not have a health facility and the sick people need to be taken out of the village every time.
A bridge has been constructed for the nearby Narastan village recently and the Gutroo residents have been decrying step-motherly treatment.
“If Narastan nearby can get a bridge why not us. Are we any lesser humans than they are?” the villagers in Gutroo question. Local legislator Mushtaq Ahmad Shah acknowledged that the village was cut off from the rest of the valley.
He said he has intimated the Jammu and Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC) and sought a Detailed Project Report (DPR) on how to connect the village.
“A bridge over the stream might not be feasible and I am told that the village can be connected by a road through the Narastan bridge,” Shah said.
He said that the villagers in Gutroo area adamant that they need a bridge over the stream.
“Further surveys are being conducted and we will see whatever could be done to connect the village,” he said.