Trump`s alt-Right Ideology in Minutiae

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By Shafqat Mushtaq

Okay. The wall building is again on cards. The cold winters will now roast the liberal-chickens! If nothing else this is what the immigration ban is all about. No unhindered frolicking in the streets of America for immigrants. That actually, Trump and Co. fear put in danger the grey hair of the President. Too many immigrants’ means a howling rush of wind and that can scrape the hair off the scalp of the President. Well, that`s worth a fear, I guess! And the Mexican wall will do what the Himalayas do in the East, and that`s, to break the wind. The closure of one is the opening of other. Trump’s belief is exactly that; you close the Mexican-door it will open the developmental-door for the nation. Is it that simple, Mr Trump?
Well, that`s not enough. The Trump Administration won`t stop here. By the way, he is not demonic. When Trump is around, you can`t resist laughter. The circus of democracy is now in the hands of a great clown! Julia Hahn, I mean, the far-right propagandist from Breitbart, she has been assigned the task to teach you what journalism is, and the guiding principle of their version of journalism is truth shall not streak Journalism!
Second in line is Sebastian Gorka. He will teach you, even if you detest, how to fit in the boots of alt-right ideology. Hush! Shiver in the name of Islam! Do you know of the secret nexus between Obama and Terrorists! They share the same eggs, yes! Swear in the name of Hitler, the race-monger! This is what alt-right ideology, Breitbart, Julia Hahn and Sebastian Gorka stand for.
The White House now collects, even manufactures the news and presses it through a fine sieve to separate black from white; and you no longer need to buy a colour TV to see the truth in all shades! You must thank Trump for that. He is making sure you don`t even see the shadows of truth anymore. The inexpensive truth, which can easily be created and propagated, is what alt-right press, now the official White House press, stands for. Cheers. Be it the Bill and Hillary Clinton murder stories or hangover of the racial fever, Lifezette, will bring it all to you, don`t worry.
America today is no place for meek cows, as crows of alt-right ideology have laid their eggs in safe havens of the White House. Trump himself tends to them and is making sure that they don`t break before they are hatched. The nightingales can be heard singing the songs of race; Islamophobic content can be seen flying from the windows of the White House and those who would dare to defy are being tasted the stick of power.
The West is now the flourishing ground for the alt-right ideology to emerge, nourish and spread its wings. Power and Propaganda for the first time go side by side, verbatim , as dictated by Trump and Co. Democracy, no doubt, screams but the cry is dumped down in the gutter or, elsewhere the ear-ban is being imposed indefinitely.

—The author is a student of English Literature. He can be reached at: