Robbed off belongings, arrested on suspicion, and maligned by Delhi media

Robbed off belongings, arrested on suspicion, and maligned by Delhi media
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Sopore youth returning from Saudi Arabia now released by police: Family

SOPORE: A youth from Sopore returning home from Saudi Arabia was robbed off in New Delhi, arrested on suspicion, and maligned by media.
Television news channels claimed that Suhail Bashir Makhdoomi, 23, a resident Nathipora village in outskirts of Sopore, was arrested by army from Dwarka flyover in a military area after dropping a bag at some place.
Suhail’s family said that while he had been arrested on suspicion, and police after investigation released him, the media wasted no time in maligning him. They also claimed that two passports, an Indian and a Saudi Arabian, have been recovered from his possession.
Suhail’s father, Bashir Ahmad Makhdoomi, a private school teacher told Kashmir Reader that Suhail is innocent and has been released by Delhi Police after investigation.
“My son went to Saudi Arabia in August last year through a private company on a two year contract job in medical field as he has done general nursing management in Rajasthan. On 10th of January he called us and told us that he is coming home on vacation,” Bashir told Kashmir Reader.
But on 11th, Bashir said, Delhi police called him around 5.30 pm and informed him about Suhail’s arrest.
“They told me that your kid was roaming around here in Delhi, ‘we have taken him into custody, if you want us to release him, you take the next flight and take him along’, but I told them, you can release him as of now that you have confirmed it to me already,” Bashir Ahmad said.
After some time, he said, the police called him again and asked details about family and address, and again told him to fly to Delhi to get his son.
“But as soon as they dropped the call, I received another call but this time it was my son, Suhail. He was calling from police number and told me that ‘I am safe, don’t worry’,” Bashir said.
“But I was shocked to see the news on TV that a suspected person has been caught in Delhi, who was running away after leaving bag at some place in Delhi and they also claimed that they have recovered two passports from him, one of Saudi Arabia and another India. We all were worried now.”
“I received a call from local police who asked the details about my son and later an army major of the local camp gave me a call and said that your son is safe and has been looted by some men in military zone area and asked me to visit his camp next morning,’ he said.
Next morning, Bashir visited the local army camp, where the officer informed him that Suhail has been arrested by army and handed over to Delhi police. The Major advised Bashir to contact local police, which he did.
“I immediately visited the DSP office at Sopore, who called Delhi police and they agreed on releasing my son,” Bashir said.
“My elder son has gone to Delhi, Suhail has been handed over to him and they are now on way to Kashmir from Delhi and they might reach until late evening. We all are so eager to see our son safe. It was difficult to imagine it after seeing the news circulated by some news channels and social media but thanks to the local police and army who helped us to get our son back,” Bashir said.
Senior Superintendent of Sopore police, Harmeet Singh Mehta told Kashmir Reader that Suhail had not been arrested but detained on suspicion
“We told them that he is not involved in any case here but I have no information that is he been released yet or not,”