Rawat unveiled Indian army’s covert actions: KCSDS

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SRINAGAR: “General (Bipin) Rawat yesterday unveiled what army has been doing covertly and has been so much emboldened by the present government here as well as in Delhi that he has no shame in giving a blue print for changing Kashmiri youth to accept India as their only homeland,” said Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) on Saturday.
“With this announcement, the military control is total and the so-called state government must drown in their own shame never to rise again,” the KCSDS said in a statement.
The forum said the Indian army chief is “directly assaulting curriculum and dictating control over what should be taught, how mosques, madrassas are to be managed so that they sing only songs of occupation”.
“What is left untouched of the private space after this brazen outburst of fascist engineering? This is going to complete militarisation of every walk of life including of education which has begun long ago. Otherwise how could he unashamedly talk about the classrooms of the schools unless his army has invaded them time and again? They have already taken considerable control over civil administration and now they will dictate what kind of education should be imparted to Kashmiri youth to make them complicit in their domination and militarisation of Kashmir to keep it for India,” the group said.
“It is time for the state government to strongly protest against this military fascist control on our nation or else perish. It is a wake-up call for the entire population to resist all such efforts,” KCSDS said in a statement.